Reviews for 'The Lost City', Book 2 of the Rachaya Series.

Ash's second book in the Rachaya series, The Lost City, was just as amazing as the first one! I don't know if it will happen or not, but I really ship Rachaya and Aodfin together!!! There were a few questions I had after reading the first book, and Ash did a great job at answering those questions in this book - one such question was what happens to the offspring of two dragons from different elements. Listening to one of Ash's episodes of The Book Stash, she mentioned that originally Mikel was going to be an evil character. I am so glad that she changed this as Mikel is one of my favourite characters. I cannot wait until the next book is out!!! 

So, as with any second act of a three act play, the objective is always to deepen the characters, situations and mythology that have been established. Ashleigh Oldfield has achieved this in spades with The Lost City and she has added some really innovative dramatic elements that provide tension and gravitas. Aiming her stories at young adult readers, Oldfield doesn't talk down to them and her writing is really intelligent and thought provoking. The Lost City is tightly woven, with no wasted narrative or unnecessary exposition. Oldfield gets to the point from the get go. There's also a great cinematic quality to the story and her visualizations and world building just cry out for a big screen adaptation. There is much here that would translate effortlessly to the screen.

I guess the only bad point to make about this book is that I now have to wait for Book 3 to see how Ashleigh Oldfield wraps it all up.

Fans of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones will want to get in on this series!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. The second book was worth waiting a year for. The story is completely new and so different and makes reading it a thrill.

The next book is going to be a amazing and I can tell! I will I could download your thoughts so I know what happens next!!!

Reviews for 'Fyrebyrne Island', Book 1 of the Rachaya Series.

This is the perfect book for a thirteen year old girl - and if I was thirteen year old me again I would have adored this book, drawn pictures of the characters, and become lost in the magnificent world that Ash Oldfield has created. 
The story is about thirteen year old Rachaya who - very quickly discovers that she is of dragon heritage and this knowledge sweeps her into an incredible new world of dragons and wizards - learning their ways and laws, but also the perils that await one of royal birth. I was actually really pleasantly surprised by the tension between Dragons and Wizards and the 'reasons' for these tensions. 
Being that I am not thirteen anymore, I am was rather particular to Rachaya's sorta 'uncle' character Prince Mikel and I'm looking forward to reading more about where Ash takes his character. ^_^; 
I am overly fond of political intrigue in fantasy, so that may have been what tickled my fancy about this book - as I felt it was political enough that I could enjoy it, but I could also feel comfortable enough to pass it onto nieces and nephews in the future. 
It's a lovely mixture of what makes fantasy beautiful and exciting. There is a bit of Harry Potter "boarding school", a bit of Narnia's "magical land", along-side really good world-building and interesting characters. 
I'm looking forward to picking up the next book in the series.
Also, Dragon's are just's a win for everyone, really. :D

Fun in the vein of Harry Potter

This was a hugely enjoyable, light hearted read. I look forward to reading more of this series, or as anything else by this author.

What a really cool book. I have not read many dragon books but after reading this I want to read more. I love how the characters change from human to dragon form - I want to be a dragon. I met Ash Oldfield at Melbourne Supanova where I found out that I was a fire dragon.

There are elements of this book that remind me of others I have read - it reminds me of Harry Potter as the majority of the book is set a magical school. The school that Rachaya attends, Wyvolds the Fierce School for Dragons, has an interesting and possibly smart schooling system where the students do not move up a grade until they have built up the skills.

Ash Oldfield has done an extremely good job at building of the world of Escoria and Fyrebyrne Island, as well as the characters. I am really excited to read more of Rachaya and her friends' adventures in the next book!