Monday, April 24, 2017

Indie Author Love - Awaken, by G.R. Thomas

Awaken is a fast-paced journey that never pulls its punches. It is a really cool take on mythology, as well as biblical themes such as angels and demons. The main character, Sophia, is by no means a weakling and takes some pretty heavy stuff in her stride. I love books with such strong female characters like this! This book will take you on a wild ride and you will not be able to put this book down. I am hanging out to get my hands on Book 2 of this series, Surrender.

See below for the book's full synopsis.

Here I am, proudly holding my copy!


With a special gift held close to her heart, it was always going to be hard for Sophia Woodville to live an ordinary life.
As a 20 year old nursing grad, she thought she had her future all sorted.
However, destiny was about to intervene.
Her secret was not so secret. The gift she possessed was just a hint of something far beyond her wildest imagination.
Sophia will be pulled, kicking and screaming, into an unseen, ancient world that challenges all that she thought to be true of herself, her family and the origins of humanity.
Original sin, forbidden love and her life in constant danger.
Will Sophia survive this dark twist of fate?
Will the devil be her saviour?
Will an Angel be her downfall?

Find out where you can purchase Awaken on G.R. Thomas' website here:

Monday, April 10, 2017

Fyrebyrne Island at Supanova Melbourne

Fyrebyrne Island has had a chance to make its way through the world now. Talented author and all-round good guy, Dean Mayes, was kind enough to do an amazing write-up for it on his website.

I will be selling copies of Fyrebyrne Island in Artist Ally at Supanova in Melbourne on April 29th and 30th at the Melbourne Showgrounds. Make sure you come along and say hello. There will be a questionnaire available for you to discover what type of dragon you are, and I will have some cool merch to sell, too.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Author Interview - Ash Oldfield and Ander Louis on Writing

Image Credit: Up&Up Media 2017

In preparation for the release of Mixtape #1, a compilation of short stories by some amazing local authors (and featuring my own story, The Conduit), I sat down and had a chat with Ander Louis, Up&Up Media founder and talented author. It can be viewed on the Up&Up Media Facebook Page. Check it out in the link below:

Mixtape #1 will be officially launched on the 29th of April at Up&Up's headquarters. Tickets are available for $25 (cost includes the book). Tickets can be purchased here or from the Up&Up Media Facebook event page. I will be there to meet everyone and celebrate the local talent.

Event Details:

Saturday, April 29th
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Up & Up Media HQ - 16/96 Manchester Road, Mooroolbark, VIC