Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Question of Pre-Readership

I was so very proud of myself when it dawned upon me that I had finished my novel. My hands paused, poised above the keyboard, willing more words to come but knowing all the while that I had nothing left to say.

My next step was to complete the edits. I spent days pouring over my manuscript, removing typos and rearranging sentences, adding a scene here, removing a scene there.

And now it is complete and I am up to my third step - sending my novel on to my pre-readers. I have been overcome with nerves over the past few days. I have talked myself out of all of my concerns (namely that people will laugh at me!), and feel comfortable sending my baby out into the world for a healthy dose of constructive criticism.

But here is my problem. I was going to send my pre-readers my novel in an email. However, I don't really trust the whole digital thing. Besides, it may be hard for my readers to give me feedback if they can't write on something tangible.

So what I want to know from you, fellow writers, is what you do when sending out copies of your manuscript to pre-readers? Do you send a digital version, or are you more the hard-copy type of person? Any advice you can give me here would be very much appreciated.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hello 2014. There Are Some Changes Over Here.

Hello New Year! A new year means some changes over at Ashleigh Oldfield land.

Firstly, my book reviews and other reading-based blog posts have been moved over to Please go across and check it out. My aim is to blog much more often this year.

Secondly, this website will be dedicated solely to my writing. That's right, that thing that I profess to do all the time, but which I rarely share because I am shy. Yup. That thing. I will be sharing a lot more about my writing journey, short pieces of fiction, a weekly 'Word of the Day'; maybe even maps or character profiles. This is the year in which I show no fear!

Thirdly...well actually, no, there is no thirdly.

As always I hope to hear from you all. I love knowing how you're all going and I certainly don't want that to stop in 2014.

And finally, if it seems I am procrastinating too much, or I don't seem to be writing so much as faffing about on the internet, please call me out on it. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to meeting self imposed deadlines. In my day job I don't have a problem with it and am the most organised person in the office. But at home? Well, let's just say it often leaves a lot to be desired.

Thanks once again to you all for your continued support. Love to you all.

- Ash oxo