The Davies Witches Saga

Once upon a time the almighty Dhia walked the realm of Earth, setting themselves up as gods over the humble mortals. Centuries have passed since their banishment and the Dhia have fallen out of human memory. The only connection between the Otherworld and Earth that remains is the crossing to Annwn, where the souls of the dead go to rest. 

Odd, then, that Arawn, King of Annwn and High Lord of the Dead, has a mortal wife and stepson. The Dhia have turned a blind eye to this oddity for now, but Motoki is nearing the age of adulthood and his very presence in Annwn is dangerous. It would be wise for the Dhia to remember that High Lord Arawn is not to be underestimated when it comes to protecting his own.

Across the narrow divide on Earth the spirits of the dead are growing restless. Spirit Seeker, Louisa, is growing concerned, but none of the witches in her life seem to be too bothered by it. Louisa's suspicions turn into alarm when she runs into a young man from another world who needs her help to return to the Otherworld. But nothing is as it seems and hidden family secrets could, at best, get them killed and, at worst, could spark a war. 

Witches of the Dead Kingdom is the first book of an exciting new Contemporary Adult Fantasy series by Australian author Ash Oldfield that blends Welsh mythology with modern day magic. 

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The Rachaya Series

Rachaya always knew she was a dragon, despite growing up around humans. However, when she is forced to move to the dragon sanctuary, Fyrebyrne Island, she discovers that, on top of having to attend a school for dragons, she is also the Crown Princess of the dragon people. Her mother had taught her that dragons were fierce and powerful, but what Rachaya finds is a people scared and weak. The young princess must learn to be the most powerful dragon that she can possibly be so that, when the time comes, she can return the dragons to their former glory.

Book 1 of The Rachaya Series, Fyrebyrne Island, is suitable for readers aged 8 and up, but is enjoyed by adults and children alike. The series matures as Rachaya matures.

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Ethereal Bridge Novellas

The royal Andiril clan of the kingdom of Baeral are a strong and proud family with dark power thrumming through their veins. They are defenders of the high seas, defeaters of would-be conquerors, not to mention makers of great wine. But when tragedy strikes, she who lurks in the shadows must do what needs to be done to ensure the family line does not cease to exist. For the Andiril family is the only thing standing between the witches and utter destruction at the hands of a nation who fears them.

The Shadow of the King is a fast paced, adult fantasy novella with lots of twists and turns that sets the scene for the action-packed Ethereal Bridges novella series.


Other Stories by Ash Oldfield

The Wellerguard - A sci-fi short story by Ash Oldfield
Published by Seth Lukas Hynes in December 2022

Published in Red Dwarfs Make The Best Homesa collection of essays, short stories, poetry and illustrations all inspired by the ethics and logistics of humans settling on other worlds.

The Conduit - A short story by Ash Oldfield
Published by Up&Up Media in 2017

Magic-born Arnav has been captured and taken to an asylum where he can be protected from himself. The Conduit is a dark and gritty paranormal/horror short story that will leave you feeling hollow inside.
Mixtape #1 was published by Up&Up Media April 29th, 2017


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