Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Where I'm At Right Now

It has been so long since I have checked in with you all that I thought I would give you an update on the happenings and goings-on in my life.

I completed an adult fantasy fiction novel based upon some Welsh mythology. Once I was up to the review stage I couldn't quite consolidate my version of the characters with the characters from the myth. I decided that I needed time away from the novel so that I could come back with fresh eyes.

I began working on what I thought would be just a fun, but mostly waste of time, project that would take my mind off my novel for a while. It's a children's fantasy fiction story that I have fallen in love with. It has taken up most of my attention span and I have created a whole new world within my tiny little brain. I have been working like crazy on it, and I really think that this story is a keeper. I'm only around 10,000 words in, but I feel like I have many, many more up my sleeve.

In an effort to hone my skills as a writer I have also begun writing short works of fiction by pulling two random word prompts out of a hat each week. I have tried to follow along with other people's word prompts in the past, but never got around to writing anything worth mentioning. Because I am now running the show I feel obligated to write, and I have been meeting my self-imposed deadline with no worries. If you would like to join in, even if it's only once every few weeks, go to my Tumblr asholdfield.tumblr.com to find the word prompts. Don't forget to tweet your stories using the hashtag #AshWriteTime.

Other than the world of writing I have been getting my dog ready for dog shows (despite the fact that he did very badly in his first show, I still love him), wrapping myself up in blankets to hide from the cold, and hanging out with my cats. So, just the usual. I hope you're all well and happy :)

- Ash