Your help is needed!

So here is my [most recent] problem:

In the Children's story that I am currently writing I have a character who is a mean, grumpy teacher, ambiguous age, who upsets my main character. As a teacher myself I am struggling to create this character. I know too many teachers, and all of my colleagues are wonderful, fantastic, hard working, passionate teachers.

Here is where you come in:
  • Please, please, please share your nasty teacher stories with me so that I can have something to bounce off from.
I'm sure they must be out there somewhere!!

I would be very grateful for your input on this :)



  1. I was homeschooled by my very devoted mother, who rarely was as grumpy as you're looking for. However, being a mother with two school-aged daughters, I've seen my share of wonderful and not so wonderful teachers. The worst is a woman my oldest had for second grade. She was nearing retirement and had lost the passion you're describing of your co-workers.
    My daughter is a natural leader with maturity beyond her years and this teacher used that in nothing more than a bitter attempt to lash out at a second grader.
    My daughter was restricted from recess on numerous occasions because children in her assigned group didn't sit down and listen, didn't complete work etc. When my daughter, who was not the culprit of the issues would ask why she was being restricted she was told if she was such a leader and valued her recess time then she would make sure the others were doing their work as well.
    When she would do exceptionally well on a project and passing her peers the teacher would regularly put her down and tell her that just because she did well didn't mean she was smart by any means. Told her doing what was expected of her was not any reason for excitement.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks, that's perfect! That teacher sounds awful - I hope she didn't have a lasting affect on your daughter. I hope I am never like that with my students. Thanks for sharing the story :)


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