The Old Lady

Observations of a Lonely Soul:

Her greatest fear was not death, as some may have thought of one so old. But rather, her greatest fear was that she would be forgotten. A widow for many years, she was a lonely soul with no one to check to see if she was still breathing each morning.

When the loneliness became too much she would stumble into shops with no real purpose other than the need to be noticed. Her favourite places were Real Estate Agencies - that eager brand of young men who will listen to your nattering longer than most in case you have a house to sell. Sometimes they will even come over and have tea and biscuits. They listen to her ramblings with a fixed smile on their face and, for a short space of time, she feels important.

At other times she leaves a trolley of groceries in a busy food court, asking an honest-looking individual to watch her trolley for a bit. That way, for an hour or so, she knows that there is someone out there waiting for her to return.

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  1. Quite a good piece short and descriptive

  2. Thanks, Greg! I'm trying to practice the art of being succint, so that means a lot.


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