Recent Developments (a.k.a. Exciting News!)

Things have been crazily busy over in the Realm of Ashleigh Oldfield at the moment. I have recently self-published a short story over at Smashwords called 'The Power to Protect'. It's free, so stop on over to Smashwords to check it out ( Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read and tweet about this story so far. You are all fantastic!

Not content to stop there, I have also taken a further plunge into social media through the creation of a Facebook Author Page. This is really exciting, and I hope you will all 'Like' the page :) (Find it here:

Last, but certainly not least, I am in the beginning stages of engaging an illustrator for my Scruffy stories. So far only emails have been sent back and forth, but I'm optimistic that all will go smoothly. I have the utmost faith in Ben to do some amazing illustrations.

Thanks to everyone for their continuing support of my foray into the writing world.


  1. Congratulations on jumping in with an FB page Ash. I've never been sure how useful they are but I'm never one to under estimate their potential.

    I can't wait to see what the new look Scruffy will be like. It has become a firm fave in my house in it's current form but I would def. love to see a beautifully illustrated print version in the future.

    YAY Team Ash!!

  2. Thanks, Dean. I can't wait to see the new look Scruffy either. I should have the first proof by the end of next week! Thanks for your continued support of Scruffy :)

    I wasn't sure about FB either, but so many people swear by it, I had to give it a go. Plus it's a good way for my family to keep tabs on me!

    I can't wait for your new book. I'm sure it will make me cry like Hambledown did (which is a good thing!).

  3. Congrats! That's so exciting and best of luck. Heading over to read it now.


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