Fact or Fiction? Bees

Welcome to the latest segment on my blog, Fact or Fiction, wherein I tell you a story and you need to figure out if I am telling the truth, or if I am simply making it up.

One day, when I was around fifteen years old, I was sitting on my bed reading. Suddenly, I heard a strange buzzing sound coming from behind my bedroom wall.

'Hmm,' I thought to myself, 'that sounds an awful lot like bees.'

Being young and inexperienced in such matters, I decided to get some expert advice. I went to my father.

He scoffed. 'Bees? I don't think so. You're imagining things.'

He followed me to my bedroom and placed his ear up against the wall.

'Yup,' he said with a knowing nod. 'What you've got here is definitely a case of the bees.'

He solved the problem by poking a hole in the wall with a screwdriver, then spraying an entire can of bug spray into the wall. He then sealed the hole up with silicon and placed a tapestry over the top so that no one would ever know.

So tell me. Do you think this story was Fact or Fiction? Leave a comment below with your answer :)


Image source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Honeybee_landing_on_milkthistle02.jpg


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