Update - 2016 - Where Has The Time Gone?

Twenty-sixteen has already proved to be a hectic year, and it has only just begun! Or has it? It's nearly March already. Where has the time gone?

I have, as always, been plodding along with my writing. In a fit of excitement I took the manuscript for book 1 of my Rachaya series and completely tore it apart, figuratively speaking. It has received the Oldfield Special Overhaul, complete with new characters, action-packed scenes, and of course even more exciting magic. I am hoping to share this story with the world by the end of this year. I feel like there have been many roadblocks with this book, but the only thing holding me back now is the cost of a good editor. Once that has been accomplished it will be full steam ahead, releasing my dragons out into the world for all of you to enjoy!

Late last year I locked myself away in a secret location (a.k.a. my home office) and wrote a really fun little book that is jam-packed with magic and adventure. My protagonist is called Leila. That's all I can say for now because the story is in first draft form. I tend to completely change everything during the rewrite. Instead of dragons my focus has been on witches, and I have really enjoyed researching the topic. If anyone has time to study a Coursera course, I can whole-heartedly recommend the University of Barcelona's 'Magic in the Middle Ages' MOOC.

In other news, I am getting married in a little over a week - eek! This will obviously keep me very busy, but to be honest I can't wait for all the planning to be over. I just want life to return to normal.

Until next time, Happy Reading and Happy Writing everyone!

P.S. What do you all think of the new layout of this website? So far I think it's my favourite.


  1. Getting married! Exciting!

    Yes, time can fly by. Keep pressing on with your writing and have that book ready by year's end!

  2. Thanks, Terry! I figure that, so long as I keep putting one word down after the other, I will get there in the end.


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