A Short Story to Remember

Things have been full of excitement in the Ash Oldfield Camp lately. I am thrilled to announce that I came third place in the Monash WriteFest Short Story Competition. I saw this competition was running when I was in the library waiting for new tyres to be put on my car. I don't usually write general fiction, so I thought it would be a good challenge to write a story with that audience in mind. I was happy enough with it to submit (although as always I still see a story filled with flaws), so after much tidying and rewriting I sent it through. Only the top ten stories were passed on to the judges, so I am very flattered to have even been considered.

Here's a photo with me and the lovely Mayor Geoff Lake

A huge thank you to the Monash library staff for putting this great competition together for the past twenty (TWENTY!!) years. It feels like my local area really supports my creative endeavours.

You can read my story on their website here:  http://monlib.vic.gov.au/Events/WordFest/Short-Story-Writing-Competition-2016-Results/Coming-Home

I refer to it as 'Nostalgia' and it's designed to make you think about your halcyon childhood days

Congratulations to all of the other winners and placement holders!

All of the people.

Stay tuned for some further announcements that I am planning to make shortly. Things are barreling forward at such a fast pace I can barely keep up.


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