Introducing: Mikel Aramus Perfero

Mikel is the cousin of Rachaya's late mother in The Rachaya Series.

Mikel is cheeky and most often has a sparkle in his eyes. However, he also has a quick temper and isn't afraid to show it. He thought of Adara, Rachaya's mother, as a sister and therefore views Rachaya as a favourite niece. He is married to the Lady Anjela, with whom he has one son, Lord Hektor. Born a prince, Mikel is excellent at diplomacy and extracting himself from difficult situations. He is not used to being told 'no'.

Hobbies: sword fighting, deliberately upsetting his wife's delicate sensibilities, taking tea with his mother.

Appearance: Mikel has the vibrant Perfero red hair, but it is greying somewhat at the temples. He is fairly tall for a fire dragon and has sparkling blue eyes. When angry his eyes turn to green, the colour of his dragon form.

Key qualities: Mikel is a good confidant and follows duty to a fault. He is a loyal subject to King Stimeon.

Elemental type: Fire dragon


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