Must Have Items When Writing On The Go

I am a writer who does not like to sit at a desk. I have always preferred to go to inspirational places (like that cafe that makes the coffee deliciously strong, or the park with the nice view, or my car before I head into work because it is there that I have my biggest sense of urgency). So what are the items I always have with me because I absolutely cannot do without them?

1. A pen and notebook. No explanation necessary.

2. A second pen in case the first does not work.

3. Either a highlighter or, better yet, those little flag sticky note things to mark the page I am working on. That way I can jump back and forth between scenes without losing my place.

4. Lyric-less music and okay enough headphones. You never know when the conversations at a cafe will break through your concentration. Music drowns it out and has the added bonus of being able to set a mood you want to capture with words. I personally can't write if music has lyrics, though, so I stick to instrumentals here.

5. Water. A dehydrated brain is a sluggish brain.

6. Any additional notes/maps/images I need for the particular scene I am working on. These are usually just scraps of paper with copies of my notes on them in case I lose them.

So there you have it. I'm pretty low-fi and I don't really need much  I rarely work on a laptop in public. I have a small one I can carry around with me if I absolutely have to, but I love the flexibility of writing with pen and paper. I think differently. I reserve working on a computer for when I need to rewrite and edit.

Was there anything on this list that surprised you? Anything else you would add?


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