Witches of the Dead Kingdom has arrived


It is here and I could not be happier with how the book launch has gone for Witches of the Dead Kingdom. Readers, both old and new, have been really enthusiastic about this book, and I could not be more grateful for their response. Thank you so much to those of you who preordered.

Here are all the ways you can purchase your copy.

Now that the dust has settled on the book's release I can focus on writing Book 2, as well as a bonus short story or two for my readers. I can't wait to get back to putting words on the page now that I can ease up on marketing a little bit. 

Here's the blurb again: 

Once upon a time the almighty Dhia walked the realm of Earth, setting themselves up as gods over the humble mortals. Centuries have passed since their banishment and the Dhia have fallen out of human memory. The only connection between the Otherworld and Earth that remains is the crossing to Annwn, where the souls of the dead go to rest. 


Odd, then, that Arawn, King of Annwn and High Lord of the Dead, has a mortal wife and stepson. The Dhia have turned a blind eye to this oddity for now, but Motoki is nearing the age of adulthood and his very presence in Annwn is dangerous. It would be wise for the Dhia to remember that High Lord Arawn is not to be underestimated when it comes to protecting his own.


Across the narrow divide on Earth the spirits of the dead are growing restless. Spirit Seeker, Louisa, is growing concerned, but none of the witches in her life seem to be too bothered by it. Louisa's suspicions turn into alarm when she runs into a young man from another world who needs her help to return to the Otherworld. But nothing is as it seems and hidden family secrets could, at best, get them killed and, at worst, could spark a war. 


Witches of the Dead Kingdom is the first book of an exciting new Contemporary Adult Fantasy series by Australian author Ash Oldfield that blends Welsh mythology with modern day magic.

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