Supanova 2024 Wrap-Up


What can I say about Supanova that I have not already said in years gone past? The people I speak to at the Showgrounds every year are honestly the loveliest people, and I always walk away at the end of the weekend with renewed energy for writing my stories. I met a lot of new readers this year, but I also met a lot of my old readers and it was just wonderful. I was able to discuss the ending of The Rachaya Series with people who have actually read it, and that is just an author's dream. Many people also took a chance on my new series, and I am so excited for new readers to meet these new characters and explore this new world I have created. 

This photo was taken by one of my fellow authors at the event. This group were so wonderful and supportive, not to mention a fun bunch. It made the slow times of the events (Jodie Whittaker panels were a particularly slow time for me for some reason ;) ) pass that little bit faster. Plus, thanks to their advice, I now know where I can get some gold foil/spray edge printing done... 

Thank you, everyone, for continually coming out in support of the work that I do. I appreciate you all!


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