Thursday, November 2, 2017

Frightfall Wrap-Up

I was so very excited to participate in FrightFall this year (hosted by Seasons of Reading). You had to read at least one horror/thriller over the month of October. This is a genre I don't read very often so I was looking forward to challenging myself.

I started the month off strong, finishing Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley in no time.

My next read was Ghostly, a collection of spooky short stories compiled by Audrey Niffenegger. I had actually read quite a few of these stories before, as they were in my much-read copy of Roald Dahl's Book of Ghost Stories. Even so, I didn't finish this compilation :(

Instead, I binge-read Strange the Dreamer, by Laini Taylor. I had some personal stuff go on in my life, and had been brought quite low (okay I'm being quite vague - I had to get one of my beloved pets put down and I'm still struggling with it). I needed something beautiful and meandering to take my mind off real life, and couldn't face any more horror/scary things.

I then capped the month off with reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone, by Laini Taylor. This series is about Angels and Demons, so I felt is was still in theme.

I hope the other FrightFallers had a great month of reading!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Where Do You Get Your Inspiration From?

I was very excited to discover that Netflix have produced a remake of the British children's TV show, 'The Worst Witch'. I absolutely loved this show as a child and it was the inspiration behind the first 'novel' that I ever wrote.

The Worst Witch is set in an all-girls academy in Britain. I wrote about a co-ed school in Australia. I tried to make the story *mine* as much as I possibly could, but in all honesty, 12 year-old me didn't really know what that meant and my story was more or less a carbon-copy of the TV show. I was outraged when, at age 13, I read Harry Potter for the first time. I felt like J.K.Rowling had ripped off' my idea for writing about a co-educational magic school. I even drafted a letter to her telling her about my story and, although I loved The Philosopher's Stone, surely she could sympathise with me that she had beaten me to publication with her story simply because she was an adult and I was a child?

Ah, children are so funny.

Anyway, ever since I saw The Worst Witch I have had a fascination with magic. If magic were real, where would you learn the craft? Would your parents teach you, or would you go to school? Would you hide from the non-magical world, or would you simply be a sub-sect of the greater community?

These were questions that I pondered for years, and since falling in love with the story of Mildred Hubble at the tender age of 11 or 12, I have researched and read anything I could get my hands on about the history behind magic. It is no accident that my own book series, The Rachaya Series, is set in a magical school of sorts.

Every step I have taken in writing has seemed like a natural progression of random events, and yet I can trace that first passion that sparked the burning inferno that is now my job back to a rather corny TV show.

What was the inspiration behind your journey as a writer? Can you even remember?

And yes, I did binge watch 9 of the 12 episodes of The Worst Witch in one sitting last night. Why do you ask?

P.S. I have all of the above-mentioned animals as pets. Dare to dream!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Fyrebyrne Island - Now an Ebook

For all of you tech-savvy readers out there, Fyrebyrne Island is now available in ebook form on Amazon.

Amazon Australia
Amazon UK
Amazon US

On another note, Book 2 of the Rachaya Series, "The Lost City" is now with my wonderful editor. I believe she will begin work on it at the end of this month. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed the process of writing it.

Once again, I wanted to thank everyone who has purchased Fyrebyrne Island and taken the time to leave a thoughtful review. You make this little author very happy :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Introducing: Mikel Aramus Perfero

Mikel is the cousin of Rachaya's late mother in The Rachaya Series.

Mikel is cheeky and most often has a sparkle in his eyes. However, he also has a quick temper and isn't afraid to show it. He thought of Adara, Rachaya's mother, as a sister and therefore views Rachaya as a favourite niece. He is married to the Lady Anjela, with whom he has one son, Lord Hektor. Born a prince, Mikel is excellent at diplomacy and extracting himself from difficult situations. He is not used to being told 'no'.

Hobbies: sword fighting, deliberately upsetting his wife's delicate sensibilities, taking tea with his mother.

Appearance: Mikel has the vibrant Perfero red hair, but it is greying somewhat at the temples. He is fairly tall for a fire dragon and has sparkling blue eyes. When angry his eyes turn to green, the colour of his dragon form.

Key qualities: Mikel is a good confidant and follows duty to a fault. He is a loyal subject to King Stimeon.

Elemental type: Fire dragon

Thursday, September 21, 2017

FrightFall 2017 - Argh!

If there is one genre of fiction that I am guilty of avoiding it is horror. Overactive imagination + horror = terrible nightmares. Once or twice over the years I have taken part in the always-fun Seasons of Reading challenges. This year I am going to take part in Fright Fall over the month of October. The idea is to read at least one horror book over the course of the month.

Have you got any suggestions for a good example of horror fiction for me to read?

Frightfall Book 1: Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley
Frightfall Book 2: Ghostly, a collection of short stories compiled by Audrey Niffenegger

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Introducing: Reijko Breeze

Reijko is friends with Rachaya in The Rachaya Series.

Reijko lives in his own, happy world and has a unique perspective on the events around him. He often misinterprets the meaning behind the things other people say, which often diffuses a tense situation.

Hobbies: playing Rune Roar, eating bug candy.

Appearance: Reijko is pint-sized with large grey eyes.

Key qualities: Like most air dragons, Reijko has a strong psychic ability and is on his way towards becoming a talented dreamer.

Elemental type: Air dragon

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Introducing: Aodfin Hill

Aodfin is a loyal supporter of Rachaya in The Rachaya Series.

Aodfin is the son of the earth dragon leader, Ardhan. He has a lot of his father's natural gravitas and dragons tend to follow his lead. He was told by his father to keep an eye on Rachaya, and he does this with deep seriousness.

Hobbies: studying the ancient dragon runes, weaponry.

Appearance: Aodfin is incredibly muscular, like all earth dragons. He is a tall and imposing figure and very rarely smiles.

Key qualities: Aodfin has magical strength. His is loyal and quick-thinking. If he is ever witness to bullying behaviour he puts a stop to it immediately.

Elemental type: Earth dragon