Less than one week until I can get my hands on Twilight's Dawn!

I have just realised it's less than a week now until Anne Bishop's latest Black Jewels book is released here in Australia! Although I was to rant and rage about how unfair it is that I have to wait a month longer than the rest of the world, and then pay three times as much for the book, I am still mega excited to read this book.

Ever since I was introduced to the works of Anne Bishop I have been in literary love. I can't believe I had to be pushed into reading her books! And now, finally, in the book 'Twilight's Dawn', I hope to find some closure for the characters I have come to fall in love with. 

You can be sure that, come April 1st, I will be locking my self away to devour the book (yay, it's a Friday, so I can dedicate a whole weekend to reading). Squeeeeeeeee!!!


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