High Summer Read-A-Thon...Conclusion

I was very excited to be a part of this read-a-thon, hosted by the lovey Michelle over at TrueBookAddict. If there is one thing in this world that I cannot live without, it is reading. Unfortunately I didn't get to read every day as I had planned. To cut a long story short, life has been very hectic with the flu,  a funeral, University assignment I forgot about, as well as a few other things that have cropped up this week.

So what DID I achieve?

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - Complete
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Almost complete (I have about 5 pages left)

The Real Middle Earth, by Brian Bates - 2 Chapters

State Library of Victoria Policy Framework and 09/10 Annual Report - 35 pages (for Uni, does that count???)

I have also 'met' some really lovely people, and 'heard' about a wide range of books that I will be adding to my TBR list when I have the time.


  1. Hey, you did great! And sure your Uni report counts. =O) I'm glad that you enjoyed it and met some new people.

    Be sure to add your link for this post in the Mr. Linky that I will post at the end tonight. You have until 6pm CST (U.S. time) to link up and therefore, be eligible for the giveaway.

    Thanks again for joining us this week!

  2. Oops...I meant 6pm CST on Monday U.S. time. =O)

  3. Hi!
    You had a great reading week. Life does tend to get in the way sometimes. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  4. I think you did really well with all you had going on. You had a great week!

  5. Thanks so much everyone! I'm really keen to give the Fall read-a-thon ago.


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