It's The Small Things In Life

Life has been very rocky for me lately, and at times it has felt like things couldn't possibly get any worse. I try to remain as positive as possible and am learning to look at the brighter side of the equation.

Take, for example, may favourite pair of work shoes. Comfortable and understated enough for the office, they worked well for me. Today I was sitting at my desk when it occurred to me that the bottom of my foot felt cold. Lo and behold, the bottom of my shoe had ripped off. I am on a tight budget at the moment, so didn't want to fork out a wad of cash for some new shoes...I also have appointments after work and so needed some footwear.

With a forced smile on my face I trundled down the street to the op shop (second hand goods charity shop), soaking up the rare sunshine and resigned to the fact that I was going to have to buy any dowdy old shoe that would fit my pint-sized foot.

And the only shoe that fit? These beautiful designer shoes, never been worn, not a scratch on them, for only $10:

And so, I am grinning from ear to ear and enjoying the small things in life!


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