'Perry Bear Goes For A Walk', by Jack Mason

Perry Bear Goes For A WalkPerry Bear Goes For A Walk by Jack Mason

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'Perry Bear Goes For A Walk' is a charming read, complete with beautiful illustralions that are a delight to look at. The story subtly encourages the importance of friendship and interacting with others (and he has impeccable manners!). This story is perfect to read to small children. My 2 year old niece absolutlely loved the story and we are both hanging out for more adventures of Perry Bear!

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  1. Hey Ash, just wanted to stop by to remind you that if you're still doing the read-a-thon this week, be sure to sign in at the starting line when you start reading. The post will be up midnight tonight (Monday, 1/23 at 12:00am CST U.S. time).

    Hope you're still joining us!

  2. Hi Michelle,

    I am definitely still joining! I went to sign up this morning, and then I realised that we are a day ahead here. I'm looking forward to it :)


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