Scruffy the Christmas Bear

I am pretty proud of my latest venture into the literary world. I have decided to share one of my short children's stories (book one in a series) on Smashwords so that I can get to grips with the ePublishing world. Check it out here:

Coverart Copyright 2011 by S.De Niese

Join the wonderful world of life as a teddy bear. Scruffy was given to his family as a Christmas gift, and all he wants is lots of hugs and love. Journey with him as he goes on exciting adventures and learns lots of wonderful new games.

Scruffy the Bear is a quick bedtime read about interactions with the young and old that is perfect for three to seven year olds. These stories engage the imagination and gently encourages children to think about others. Perfect for spending some quality time with your children, these stories and easily accessible and convenient for parents. I hope you enjoy them and much as I enjoy writing them.

Book 1: 'Christmas'. Let me introduce you to Scruffy. He is a teddy bear who loves hugs and adventures. Find out how Scruffy met his new family, how he almost spied on Santa, and join in the fun as he plays games with his new friends.

Contact me for your free copy and I will send you a coupon!


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