Introducing: Nazish Cinder

Nazish is the best friend of Rachaya in The Rachaya Series.

Call her Nazish and you can expect a decent sized bruise to appear on your arm. Her name is Naz.

Naz was held back a year at Wyvold the Fierce School for Dragons because she cannot learn to meditate properly. She is also super clumsy and regularly sports a black eye from her weaponry class. She has an annoying little sister called Sunni, who is thankfully too small to attend Wyvolds yet. Naz is sassy and tough and Rachaya's go-to person on all things dragony.

Hobbies: setting things on fire, slogging people on the arm.

Appearance: Naz is very attractive, with wavy black hair and a winning smile. She would be unrecognisable without her usual black eye thanks to her clumsiness.

Key qualities: Naz is confident and not afraid to speak her mind. She is also a loyal friend and will stand up for what is right.

Elemental type: Fire dragon

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