Introducing: Rachaya Butcher Perfero

Rachaya is the main character of The Rachaya Series.

Her name is pronounced Ra-shay-ah.

Close friends and family call her Chia (Shi-ya).

Rachaya grew up in a small village in the human world of Escoria. She is the daughter of a talented human butcher, Krishn, and the fiery fire dragon, Adara. At the beginning of Fyrebyrne Island the time is ripe for Rachaya to embrace her dragon heritage and learn about all things dragony.

Hobbies: sword fighting, feeding her fat cat, Tibbles scraps from the table, oka riding.

Appearance: Rachaya is on the small side, with red hair and brown eyes. She is strong for her small stature, the product of working in her father's butcher shop every day.

Key qualities: Rachaya is loyal, loving and determined. She certainly has a backbone, which is going to stand her in good stead now she is around dragons.

Elemental type: Fire dragon

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