Author Interview - Devin Sloane


Devin Sloane writes Women's Fiction and Romance novels that feature older characters dealing with serious issues and winning at love and life. Following on from the release of her first two novels in the Bridgewater Series, Live Again and Breathe Again, Sloane will be releasing her third book, Feel Again, on August 30, 2021.


Q1: What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it?

Feel Again is the 3rd Bridgewater Novel and all my writing has been inspired by the quote “Write hard and clear about what hurts.” Ernest Hemingway.

Q2: What are five words that describe your writing process?

Tigger, loud, spinning, wrestling, intense. 

Q3: What authors, or books have influenced you?

Kristen Ashley’s Magdalene series. I loved reading about older MCs. I also really enjoy quite a few of Jody Ellen Malpas. These two might be the biggest influencers. I also love Rebecca Zanetti’s vamps.

Q4: What do you need in your writing space to help you stay focused? 

Music and headphones. And somebody needs to confiscate my cell phone.

Q5. What, to you, are the most important elements of good writing?

It’s got to be honest and I need to be able to see it in my mind.

Q6: What is the best advice you have ever heard?

I kissed my forties and all my f**ks goodbye. A friend of mine once said this to me and it has stuck as something I aspire to do more than I do.

Q7: What is your favourite genre to read?

Romance - probably paranormal, and near anything Kristen Ashley.

Q8: What comes first for you — the plot or the characters — and why?

Characters and individual scenes. I’ll hear a song and people start to populate my head, showing me their story like a movie clip.

Q9: What are you working on now?

I am developing my 4th book.

Q10: What are you currently reading?

I’m currently reading an ARC of Bed of Nails for Nola Marie

Read an exerpt of Feel Again below. Release date August 30!

The tension I had felt between us ratcheted up fourteen levels. I stepped closer to him, drawn to him without conscious thought. I looked up into his face. He tipped his chin down and continued to hold my eyes.

“You have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen in my life,” I murmured.

I was an artist. I noticed things like this, but anyone would notice his eyes. A true hazel, the dusky ring of his iris held a kaleidoscope of blue and green and brown, their colors mixing with the light making it impossible to discern a clear delineation between one color and the next.

“I could look at them all day,” I mused aloud as he held himself perfectly still not six inches in front of me.

My eyes took a tour of his face, his high cut cheekbones, the laugh lines at the corners of his eyes, the grooves of his forehead, his firm perfectly formed lips framed by that scruffy beard. He was older than me, I vaguely noted.

Suddenly his lips parted in a wide, white grin and my eyes flew back up to his now smiling ones.

“Are you done?”

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