High Summer Read-A-Thon 25.07.11 to 31.07.11

Ok, so I have taken the plunge and signed up for my very first Read-A-Thon. These things are bad for me, because there is so much out there that I want to read. Also, I have just placed myself on a permanant book-buying ban (my local library foolishly told me I can borrow an unlimited number of books!). I plan to read and read and read and read and read. 

The books I would love to finish during this week are:
  • 'The Real Middle Earth', by Brian Bates
  • 'The Shadow Queen', by Anne Bishop.
I would also ideally like to begin a new book that I have never read before, but have lying around. I will have to update on this later, after I have had time to snoop around on my bookshelves!

Happy reading everybody!


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